Skip Bin Sizes

It can be difficult to visualise the difference between the different skip sizes, which are given in cubic metres. Please use the list below of skip types that are available to assist you in making the right choice.

Skip bins have a large range of sizes available and we can make sure you get the customised skip bin size for your needs. We have a variety of sizes and types of bins available. You just need to discuss your waste type with our customer service agent and we can guide you all through it to make your experience smooth and stressfree.

Our trucks have five-star lifters that can easily move and place the skip bins in an area of your convenience and choice keeping in mind the access is easy and practical for you and others.

We can ensure that you will always receive the best product and service from us, as we want our customers to return back to us without any hesitation.

Our trucks can carry multiple bins and sizes at one time, enabling a cost-effective solution for your waste removal. Most of our bins have wheelbarrow access which enables the waste loading tasks more convenient for our clients.

2m³ Skip Bin

2m3 skip bin, also known as a mini skip bin, is ideal for small domestic and garden jobs. Whether you are planning to start a DIY project or a complete over all of your garden, you can hire these skip bins to dispose of the waste materials without any hassels. Despite being a compact size skip bin it can still accommodate more than 20-30 bin bags of waste. Domestic and organic waste, furniture, rubber, concrete, soil, plastic, metal, wood, and garden waste all can be thrown into these skip bins. Their small size convenience enables you to place them easily in garage and driveways without blocking the foot traffic.

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3m³ Skip Bin

3m3 skip bins are the perfect choice for jobs that involve the removal of the small garden and household waste. As one of the smallest skips available, it can hold up to 35-45 bags of waste, making it ideal for garden clearance and small home improvement projects. What makes our 3m3 skip bin helpful is that it provides more room when compared to 2m3 skip bin, saving you time and budget. Fortunately most of our 3m3 skips come with walk in door access.

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4m³ Skip Bin

4m3 skip bin is the best choice for any small to medium sized project. It is spacious enough to hold double the amount of garbage as a 2 m3 skip bin. They can easily accomodate moderate to large amount of waste from renovation, garden make overs or waste of domestic clean up. Being versatile they are easy to fill as they come with walk in door access.

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6m³ Skip Bin

Our 6m3 Skip Bin is ideal for a wide range of medium sized projects including home renovation, garden cleanup, garage rubbish removals, common maintenance projects, etc. These skips are perfect for jobs that generate a considerable amount of waste. Apart from domestic use, they can also be used on construction sites.

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8m³ Skip Bin

A 8m3 Skip Bin can hold a considerable amount of household and commercial waste, making it ideal for getting rid of roof tiles, large tree branches and big shed clean ups. These skips are extremely popular amongst the customers who undertake DIY home improvements such as bathroom and kitchen renovation or removal of unwanted household furniture when vacating the house or office cleanups. It can hold up to 100-150 bags of waste and can be used for various clean up purposes.

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9m3 Skip Bin - What is the benefit of hiring a 9m3 skip bin size?

9m3 is the most popular and decent size bin used for large residential and commercial sites. If you are on building site, performing renovations of kitchens and bathrooms this bin will cater all your needs for waste removal.If you know your site will have a considerable amount of waste, you need to order a 9m3 skip bin because the larger your waste the larger space and size you need to dispose of. This size bin will probably be enough for your needs but again we recommend, that you discuss with our customer service consultant prior to book your next skip bin.

There are many skip sizes and bin options available, which are all designed to provide customers with heaps of choice and deliver the convenience of being able to choose a size skip that suits each individual job requirement or job site needs. Some skip sizes are small, medium or large we can provide a bin hire solution to suit you. All the different bin sizes and options can seem confusing at first, so if that's the case and you need more information we'll be happy to help. Just give us a call and we'll make it easy.

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10m3 Skip bin and 12 m3 Skip Bin

Our 10m3 skip bins are ideal for building contractors and construction companies that manage large projects. When perfectly loaded, this skip can accommodate rubbish of more than 40 wheelie bins. Its huge size make it ideal for discarding wood, concrete, insulation, bricks, rubbles, tree stumps, spring mattresses and electrical waste. Before placing your order, make sure that there is at least 3 metres wide of driveway to place our skip bin.

Whether you need mini skip bin or a midsized skip bin hire, our professionals at SKIPBINEXPERTS will deliver it at your door step and collect them back once you are ready. We will also suggest you the right bin based on the amount of waste you want to dispose of. Call SKIPBINEXPERTS today at 0404 039 988 to order the right bin for you!

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Skip Bin Sizes