Terms and Condition

A: General Terms of Hire

Terms & Costs Subject to change without notice.

SKIP BIN EXPERTS; ABN: 38641 440119

All skip bins hired through "Skip Bin Experts" are entirely under the ownership of the company "Skip Bin Experts" under no circumstances will the client have any right to claim ownership of any skip bin during or outside of the hire contract.

B: Skip Bin General Information

Each skip bin at "Skip Bin Experts" is built to Australian standards. However, "Skip Bin Experts" does not take the ownership if dimensions and shape of the skip are slightly variable to the size booked by the hirer, as all the skips purchased by "Skip Bin Experts" are from different suppliers.

C: Placement of the Skips during the hire contract

Whilst we endeavour to adhere to our hirers wishes, it is at the discretion of the delivery driver to determine a final and safe location for skip bin placement. When deciding on a final placement of the skip the driver takes into consideration the safety of clients, minimising incidents and ensuring no public walkways/footpaths are being obstructed. Once the skip has been placed it CANNOT be moved. If for any reason, we find that it has been moved a $100 fee will be charged to the hirer. If for any reason the bin needs to be moved, please contact "Skip Bin Experts" and we will organise for someone to attend the site, as soon as we can.

D: Damages to property or land

1) "Skip Bin Experts" accepts no liability for any property damage above or below the ground during delivery or pick up of the hired skip bin. It is the hirer's responsibility to provide information and ensure that the chosen area of placement is safe and suitable for delivery taking into consideration skips specifications, outlined in the general terms of hire clause.

2) The chosen area MUST be of a suitable size and be assessed for hazards. Skip placement area must be clear of overhead power lines and cables, and be able to bear the weight of the fully loaded skip. "Skip Bin Experts'' will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the property, including but not limited to driveways, personal belongings, cars, gardens, fencing, garages, carports, houses, curbs, or other structures.

E: Skip Bin Usage Restrictions

Whilst the skip bin is in the possession of the hirer during the hire period the hirer is strictly prohibited from:

- Placing any prohibited waste (Section-K) types in the skip bin or allowing others to do so.

- Lighting Fires or burning any type of materials in the skip bin or allowing others to do so.

- Filling the skip bin above its allowable weight limits/above the rim line or recommended capacity, or in an instance where the skip cannot be lifted by the truck.

- Using the skip bin in any manner that endangers any person, animal, general public, or property of any kind. Or allowing any other person to use the skip bin in such ways.

F: Hirers responsibility regarding Rubbish Disposal

Before the booking, the hirer must inform "Skip Bin Experts" about the type of rubbish they wish to dispose of, as some of the items will incur an extra fee (Refer to Section J)

G: Cancellation and Refund Policy

If the hirer wishes to cancel their booking, it must be done in writing directly to "Skip Bin Experts" via email skipbinexperts@gmail.com or through an SMS text message on 0404039988 within certain time frames outlined below.

a. If the hirer cancels their booking within 3 Business days or more prior to their delivery date, the hirer will be refunded the full amount paid to the "Skip Bin Experts" minus the booking fees.

b. If the hirer cancels their booking less than 3 Business days but greater than 1 Business Day, the hirers will be refunded the amount paid to "Skip Bin Experts" minus a cancellation fee of 15% and Booking fees.

c. If the hirer cancels on the delivery day, the hirer will be refunded the amount paid minus 50% of the total hire price, cancellation fee and any booking fees.

G:1: Acknowledgment of Hirer:

The hirer acknowledges, understands, and agrees to adhere to all the terms outlined in the "Skip Bin Experts" cancellation policy. Including cancellation fees stated in G (a, b, c). The hirer accepts that they will not be entitled to any refund of any fees and charges paid whereby the hirer has not provided adequate notice of cancellation.

G:2: Cancellation by the "Skip Bin Experts":

"Skip Bin Experts" may cancel any booking at any time leading up to or on the booking date, in circumstances where they are unable to deliver or supply the hired skip. In the instance where "Skip Bin Experts" cancel a booking, a full refund of any/all fees will be refunded to the hirer.

H: Hirer Obligations

The hirer understands and agrees to all information outlined in the ''Skip Bin Experts'' terms & conditions policy. In addition, the hirer agrees to adhere to the following:

a. During the hire period the skip bin must always be used safely and responsibly.

b. The hirer agrees to bear the full responsibility, liability, and cost for ANY loss, damage to, or destruction of the skip bin.

c. The hirer agrees to have the skip bin ready for collection on the agreed collection date which is generally 3-4 days or otherwise agreed with "Skip Bin Experts" before the delivery.

d. During the hire period the Skip Bin remains the property of “Skip Bin Experts” ownership is NEVER transferred.

e. The hirer agrees that only approved waste types (Section I) can be placed into our skip bins and any dangerous waste materials found will be removed or will incur an extra fee.

I: Acceptable Waste Types

- General Waste- Furniture, Timber, Clothes, Household items from Spring cleaning, Garage cleaning, Office Materials & Electrical Goods.

- Building Waste- Construction and Demolition waste like Plaster, Timber, Carpet, Steel, Concrete etc.

- Garden Waste- Trees, Branches, Pebbles, soil, Timber, Mulch, rocks etc.

- Bricks, Tiles and Concrete

"Skip Bin Experts" also offers a fortnightly large rubbish collection. Simply call 0404039988 or email us on skipbinexperts@gmail.com and book your skip. We will let you know of our next collection date in your area.

J: Items that will incur an extra fee

  • Tyres- Car, 4×4 & Motorcycle tires- $30 per tyre
  • Truck Tyres– $60 per Tyre
  • Mattresses- $60 Per Mattress<

Carpets & Underlays for Standard 3 bedroom house -$180

Full house 4 or more bedrooms Carpets and underlays -$250

Synthetic Grass Minimum one tonne will be Charged-$290 +GST

K: Prohibited Waste

Under no circumstances do we allow any dangerous materials to be discarded in our Skip Bins.These dangerous materials include but are not limited to materials like ASBESTOS, CHEMICALS, POISONS, BATTERIES, PAINT, FOOD & BIOLOGICAL WASTE, MEDICAL WASTE, LIQUIDS, RADIOACTIVE WASTE, GAS BOTTLES, SPRAY CANS OR ANY INFLAMMABLE SUBSTANCES. If any of these materials are found in our bins at the time of collection, they will be removed, and an extra charge will be applied to the hirer. If these materials are found in the skip after they have been tipped the hirer will face heavy decontamination charges payable immediately.

L: Full List of Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with "Skip Bin Experts", the hirers must agree to all terms and conditions. Kindl read carefully or phone us at 0404039988 if you have any further queries regarding the skip hire.

M: To the Hirer

The terms and conditions are part of this legally binding agreement, including the hirer's disclaimer from all liability for injury and damage.

M.1 The following are considered hazardous waste and are NOT ACCEPTABLE for disposal in the "Skip Bin Experts":

  • Radioactive waste
  • Medical waste.
  • Grease trap waste
  • Contaminated soil
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Used oil filters
  • Containers filled with oil
  • Acids
  • Asbestos

It should be noted that asbestos is a highlyhazardous chemical. Incorrect asbestos disposal may result in criminal charges. The hirer is responsible for any asbestos discovered in the Skips. The expense of asbestos disposal is the hirer's responsibility and might run into the hundreds of dollars, "Skip Bin Experts" are only designed to hold common rubbish as per Section I.

M.2 In extreme circumstances of excess weight, we may be unable to transport the Skips due to VICTORIAN road authority restrictions, or the skip bin may be too heavy to empty. In this case, the hirer will be charged for an extra bin (or bins) and will be responsible for segregating the waste into various bins to meet the weight restriction.

M.3 The hirer is liable for any fines imposed on the Skip bin while it is in his or her possession. Fines for illegally parking the Skips bin or overloading the Skips are two examples.

M.4 The replacement value of the Skips hired is $8,500. The hirer agrees to this value in the signing of the hire agreement.

M.5 All risks as stipulated in the terms and conditions of hire pass to the hirer on the signing of the hire agreement and when the Skips leave the physical possession and control of "Skip Bin Experts".The hirer indemnifies "Skip Bin Experts" and shall keep it and its officers and employees indemnified in respect of:

- Any loss or damage (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis) from any act, omission, or breach of this agreement or any law or regulation by the hirer, its officers, or employees or any person permitted by the hirer to use the Skips,

- Any claims by any person for injury to person or property, including consequential loss, arising from the use of the Skips.

M.6 The owner "Skip Bin Experts" shall not be liable for any injuries caused to the hirer, their agents or any third parties arising out of the use of the Skips during the hire period.

M.7 The owner "Skip Bin Experts" shall not be liable for any consequential losses arising out of the use of the Skips or inability to use the Skips.

M.8 The hirer is liable if the Skips is stolen, damaged or involved in an accident during the period of hire, whilst the Skip is the duration of the hire period. Any items carried or stored in the Skips are entirely the hirer's responsibility, as any accidents arising from the use of the Skips or any injury sustained to the hirer or any other third party.

M.9 The hirer agrees to pay "Skip Bin Experts" in full the value of the Skips should it be stolen, lost, destroyed, confiscated and/or impounded. This amount shall become payable at the end of the hire period. "Skip Bin Experts" reserves the right to charge the full daily hire rate to the hirer until such amounts are paid in full.

M.10 The hirer shall notify "Skip Bin Experts" if the equipment requires any repairs or adjustments, and shall not authorise any individual to carry out any repairs or adjustments without "Skip Bin Experts" prior consent. The hirer uses the Skips at his or her own risk, and the manufacturer's stated tolerances must not be exceeded.

M.11 The hirer must inspect the Skips and agree that it is in functioning order. The hirer acknowledges that the rental equipment was received in excellent functioning order and that it will be returned in the same order, with normal wear and tear accepted.

M.12 The hirer further agrees that if the Skip is not returned to the 'Skip Bin Experts" after the rental period, copies of the documents provided to "Skip Bin Experts" for identification reasons may be forwarded to the Police to aid in their investigations. If the Skips are not returned after one week of the hire duration, they will be reported to the police as stolen, and the hirer will be considered unlawfully in possession of the Skips from the time the signed hire agreement expires.

M.13 The hirer also agrees to pay solicitors fees and court costs involved on behalf of "Skip Bin Experts" in their having to take any legal action to recover either the Skips, the value of the Skips or repair costs through the hirer not complying with the terms and conditions of hire.

M.14 If any payments are not made upon collection of the skip, the contents will be returned to the hirer on their property.

M.15 Skip Bin Experts may serve notices at the address stated in the agreement.

N: Late Payment Fees

-All hirers MUST pay at the time of the delivery or before the delivery by the agreed payment terms at the time of the booking.

-Skip Bin Experts reserves the right to charge a credit card previously used for any outstanding amounts without prior notice.

-Skip Bin Experts reserves the right to charge an interest fee and administration fee on any outstanding amount owed by the hirer.

-The interest rate is 5% of the total amount outstanding charged weekly plus a $50 administration charge.

-The hirer agrees that any costs incurred in the collection of outstanding amounts including the fees of a debt collection agency and all associated court and legal costs are at the expense of the hirer.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Terms & Conditions policy, please contact us at skipbinexperts@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Kindly “Accept and Agree” to the Terms and Conditions as above but not limited with “SKIP BIN EXPERTS” prior to accepting your delivery.

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